Breast lift

A decrease in the elasticity of the skin of the breasts and/or a reduction in the size of the breasts may result in the breasts sagging and developing an unflattering shape. Possible causes of these changes include aging, pregnancy, weight loss or the menopause. In such cases, women only feel comfortable with their breasts while wearing a bra. Breast lift surgery gives patients a natural, attractive breast shape even when they are not wearing a bra.


A breast lift is carried out by increasing the volume of the breasts, tightening (reducing) the skin envelope or a combination of the two.

If the size of the breasts is to remain unchanged (because the breasts are the desired size when wearing a bra), the overly large skin envelope is reduced (tightened). Alternatively, if the volume of the breasts is to be increased without removing any skin, the breast lift is achieved through a breast augmentation procedure. This involves inserting implants and leads to a small scar. Sometimes a combination of the two procedures (skin envelope reduction and breast augmentation) is necessary to achieve the desired attractive result.

The amount of scarring produced by breast lift surgery involving skin envelope reduction varies depending on the condition of the breasts prior to the operation. In some cases, an incision around the areola is sufficient for producing the required amount of lift. Scarring to the breasts cannot, however, be avoided completely.


Like all surgery, breast lift procedures carry certain risks. In rare cases, inserting an implant may lead to capsular contracture, which causes hardening and pain in the breast area. Postoperative bleeding, infections and unattractive scars occur very rarely.

An improperly performed operation could result in irreparable changes. This operation should therefore only be carried out by a qualified specialist in plastic surgery. To find out how much an operation of this kind costs, please call us on +41 52 212 80 80.