Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Nowadays, a variety of highly successful techniques are available to treat both the early and advanced signs of aging on the face. On the one hand, the appropriate procedure is chosen based on the type and extent of correction required, the aim always being to achieve a natural, “non-operated” look. On the other hand, the choice is also influenced by the time the patient is willing to invest.

Procedures include:

Face: Facelifts, forehead lifts, wrinkle correction treatment (injectable fillers, botox, lasers, chemical peeling, soft lifts), liposuction, fat grafting

Eyelids: Upper lid surgery, lower lid surgery, Asian blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) including removal of the epicanthal fold

Nose: Nose reshaping (including injection rhinoplasty)

Lips: Enhancement, reduction, correction of asymmetry

Chin: Enlargement, reduction

Neck: Neck lifts, removal of neck bands (platysmal banding), liposuction

Ears: Setting back prominent ears, repairing torn earlobes and earlobes stretched by ear piercings, reducing ear lobe size, reducing ear size