Ear correction surgery, ear lobe surgery, repairing pierced ears



Prominent ears can cause a high level of psychological stress but can be pinned back in an outpatient procedure (ear pinning procedure, otoplasty correction, otopexy) under local anesthesia. It is advised that young children be operated on under general anesthesia. Before the procedure, patients must clarify which parts of their ear(s) they wish to have corrected. This can vary between the upper ear pole, conchal cartilage and/or the earlobe. All these parts of the ear can be corrected separately or together. Ears or earlobes that are out of proportion can be reduced in size, while earlobes stretched or torn by ear piercings can be repaired as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.


Following the procedure, a headband needs to be worn both day and night for a period of up to six weeks.