About the clinic

Since October 1st there is a new competence center for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery located in the well-know Mall Glattzentrum in Wallisellen nearby Zurich, in collaboration with the since many years established Eye Clinic Augenglatt (Augen Glattzentrum). The Center is lead by Dr. med. Marc A. Peter, a FMH (Swiss Medical Association) specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. In the Clinic you can have a wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures which include interventions required as a result of skin cancer, breast cancer or accidents. The day care clinic specializes in operations performed on an outpatient basis. The treatments carried out range from most known aesthetic procedures, such as breast surgery, aesthetic facial surgery and liposuction to procedures on the abdomen (e.g. abdominal reductions) and thighs (e.g. thigh lifts). A competent team of anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists, theater nurses and secretaries ensures that all patients undergoing surgeries in the day care clinic are given the best possible treatment in a safe and secure environment.

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact our day care clinic directly to find out more about them. Mrs. Sabrina Boner, Manager of the Front-Office and in charge for the Beauty & Aesthetic Domain of the Clinic, can provide information, including pricing details, on all the procedures offered. Dr. Peter devotes a significant amount of time to each patient, especially during the first consultation, dedicated to discuss the desired procedure, its risks and side effects in detail. Health insurance does not cover aesthetic treatments, as they are mostly not medically necessary. In some cases, where patients are not sure if their health insurance will cover the costs, the insurance provider must first be contacted for clarification. The health insurance provider covers the resulting costs of such inquiries.

Operations carried-out in stationary mode due to medical reasons will be performed at partner Hospitals.